Bedroom Feng Shui - Delight Your Senses And Lure Your Partner

Ask yourself "Is my Bedroom Feng Shui Romantic or is it chaotic?". " Does it delight and calm my senses ? Or it leaves me feeling drained out?". "Does it lures my partner ? Or he prefers to watch tv or drink with his friends?". A good bedroom will bring the romantic passion missing from your love or married life.

Good Feng Shui will also transform your drab bedroom into a serene sensual sanctuary. You should use this delightful sanctuary only for rejuvenating sleep or for passionate lovemaking.

Get Rid Of Anything That Reminds You Of Past Love

 Your Bedroom is alive. It speaks to you all the time. Ask yourself what feelings and emotions is my bedroom alive with? Have I made more love or arguments? 

1. Get rid of anything that reminds you of your past love.

 Does the jewelry or art hanging on the wall remind you of your ex lover? Why invite your ex into bed along with your new lover! Isn't that a turn off!  Get rid of anything that reminds you of past loves. It’s very difficult to attract a new love if your bedroom is sparking old flames.

How To attract Love Into Your Life

Make your bed the focal point.

2. Buy a new bed. 

Beds are full of vibes of the people who used them. So when you are starting a new life with someone new you must replace your bed. When buying a new bed keep in mind that a solid headboard is a must. A round one is preferable to a square one. Wooden or padded can create a more romantic mood.

What to look for when buying a Feng Shui Bed

3. Make your bed the focal point.

 Place your bed diagonally opposite to the bedroom door. You must have a view of the door because you don't want someone or your kids to sneak in while you are making love. But don't place the bed directly in front of the bedroom door. A little privacy please!

Make sure you can both access the bed comfortably from both sides and not climb over your partner. To keep balance in relationship treat both sides of the bed equally. Make sure the bed has equal room to place identical bedsides, lamps.

Placing the bed under window is not such a good bedroom feng shui as the windows may crack during storm or lightning or thunder. There should be a solid wall behind for support.

Feng Shui Bed Placement Tips

Remove Distractions

4.  Eliminate clutter. It is a must to achieve good bedroom feng shui.

Is your bedroom is clean. When you and your love enter the bedroom, you dont want to waste time in tidying your room or making the bed or removing dog hair. All this is a distraction. And there is nothing sexy about jumping into an unmade bed with your lover.

Also you don’t want to be in the middle of making passionate love and then notice the pile of clothes left on the floor.

Get rid of anything you are not using or is not meaningful to you. Give it away, fix it or sell it. Everything in the bedroom should be meaningful and connected with your heartfelt desires.

5. Get Rid Of The Tv, Exercise equipment And the Desk full Of Work Bills. 

Do you want your lover to get sucked in to watch the news and then sleep over you? That's a big let down isn't it! Create your own romantic movie and get rid of the tv.

Keep your home office screened from your bedroom. Screen your desk, business papers and laptop. Keep your love life and your work life separated. You don't want to remind your partner about work in bedroom. Especially when he is getting in the mood.

 The same goes for exercise equipment like a treadmill or Stairmaster. Do you really want to be terribly conscious of your jiggly arms or flabby thighs in front of your lover? Talk about feeling self-conscious! That’s not very sexy!

Set The Mood

6. Make the air fresh with plenty of oxygen. Use a good air purifier, essential oils.

You cannot get into the mood for romance if the air is stale or smells bad. If it really feels bad then wash your room and use essential oils.  However you can use a good air purifier. 

7. Enhance your sexy lighting atmosphere.

There is nothing sexy about a well lit room. You want shadows and highlights and the soft glow of filtered lights. Placing lamps on either side of the bed with pink tinted bulbs can give your room a romantic glow. And everybody looks good in this light with clothes on and off.

Candles are even more flattering. Choose candles with care and be sure your candles are placed in a jar for safety reasons.

You also want enough light to get dressed up and apply make up and to see the color of clothing in your wardrobe. Have several layers of lighting in your bedroom.

8. Use sensual colors to achieve a good balance in your bedroom feng shui. 

The most sensual colors for the bedroom are skin tone colors from pink to chocolate brown. These colors add romance and spark intimacy and sensuality.

Add touches of red for love. If your bedroom is primarily done in cool colors then you can balance them by bringing in warm and sensual tonnes.

You can do have a new coat of paint, new bed sheets, pillowcases, pillow, throw, arts, comforter, slip over, rug, table cloth and candle. This will give your room a nice romantic glow.

Mirrors, Plants, Water feature and blue color can totally destroy your bedroom feng shui.

Did you know that mirrors reflecting the bed invites a third person into your relationship?

Bedroom Art

9. Pick photos, pictures or art that are connected with your heartfelt desires

Potrait of a single woman staring into the space is not good bedroom feng shui. This includes portraits of yourself. You dont want to be sad or lonely, do you? so why hang them in your love corner? Replace these images with pictures or symbols of romantic couples. 

Photos of friends and relatives limit the intimacy and privacy and doesnt allow a new romance to blossom – or an existing relationship to deepen. And, does anyone really want to be looked at by dozens of pictures of family members while in bed??

A little privacy, please! The same applies to religious figures, such as the Virgin Mary or a crucifix 


In Feng Shui you must  be striving for a balance between yin and yang, or feminine and masculine energies. Is everything in your bedroom feng shui is floral prints, pink and soft toys, All these signals to the universe that you are happy to be single. 

To create a good bedroom feng shui you must strive for a balance.

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