Feng Shui Ba Gua : Attract 8 Types Of Luck

The feng shui ba gua map helps you annalyse your space.  For example, when I go to someone’s home I can tell them what's going on in their lives very quickly by looking at the feng shui bagua map. I SEE how each corner is being utilized (or neglected ! or dumped!) in their home or office.

All life challenges and patterns are held in your living space. The space where you chose to live was not an accident.

Have you wondered what section of your home is your Wealth Corner?

Do you know what area of your home is your Love & Relationship section?

You can find out what energy may be blocked in your home!

And also what luck is missing from your life.  For eg. Toilets and kitchens in the love and relationship corner guarantees that your relationship will always turns sour. Or may be the missing corner in your home happens to be the wealth corner. No wonder you keep falling back into financial troubles.

There are 8 types of luck residing in eight corners of your home. The following are the fight aspirations of the ba gua.  I have also written about house flying star warnings and solutions for different house facing directions so that you know how to treat each corner.

Career gua : North
Use Water fountain, aquarium, dragon tortoise

Uplift the north of your home or the living room with water. And you can be sure to see heaps of career activity, promotion and an increased income. Use the compass to find the north.

The element of north is water.

So place a water feature or aquarium in the north of your home or living room. You will feel energised, start enjoying your work and become ambitious to climb to the top. It will also enhance your income and help you find a career path that leads to phenomenal success. 

Its a great idea to use a water feature in landscaping north of your garden. But make sure there is a door or a window that can collect this wonderful energy soaked in water.

Also be sure that the water seems top be flowing towards the house not away from your home.

Water features inside the home needs to be small.

But N-E-V-E-R place a water feature in bedroom. You will do yourself more harm than good. You can place your water fountain in the north of the house or living room if you like.

You can also paint the north wall blue in color (no blue in bedrooms please). Or have curtains and carpets in these colors. 

They will go well with metal colors like silver, gold because

Metal Enhances Water.

Enhance the north with metal energy. You can be creative with decorating by placing a music system here or windchimes or anything that symbolises metal energy like gold coins.

Or, you can also put a Dragon tortoise in the north to boost your income and career.

Fame gua : South
Use Horse, Phoenix, Birds

When the south of your home is energised you can be sure that your name is always shining. You have fame and people recognise you for all the good reasons. It will bring promotion and help you climb up the ladder to the top.

If you are into a creative field like writing, acting, dancing or singing you must enhance this corner. 

The element of south is Fire.

So its a good idea to place bright lights, candles or use red color in curtains and carpets.

Plants are good in the south because

Wood Enhances Fire

But N-E-V-E-R have plants in bedrooms.You can place plants in the living room or dining room if you like. 

Symbols that you can use to fuel the fire element of the south are Horse and Phoenix.

 The horse will help you rise in social status and win over competition to achieve great success. Or you can also place a pair of phoenix. They will bring you the luck of fame respect and recognition.

 You should never have water feature in south. Water extinguishes fire.. Also avoid mirrors on the south wall. Mirrors symbolises water.

Health gua : East
Use Bamboo, Dragon

East brings you excellent health luck. Its the best place for young growing children in the home.

The Element Of East Is Wood

So, its good to have lush green plants in the east. You can place a bamboo plant in the east of your living room. They will bless you with bring you good health and increase your life span.

You can go for wooden colors or green in the decor for the east. Even the blue color works well here because

Water Enhances Wood.

You can also have a water feature here. Its best to have a dragon beside the water.

 The symbol for the east is the dragon. Display the dragon in the east of your living room.

N-E-V-E-R put a picture of dragon or plants in bedroom. Its best to place them in the living room.

Children luck gua : West
Use Laughing Buddha with kids, Pomegranate, Elephant

When you activate the west corner you will find the joys of being a happy family. If you are having problems in conceiving then its a good idea to energise the west of your home.

The element of west is metal.

So its best to have metal colors like gold or silver in the decoration. Place gold coins if you like. You can also place crystals and earthen pots because 

Earth enhances Metal

Symbols that will increase your fertility and help you conceive are laughing buddha with kids, a crystal pomegranate. You can also place a elephant with trunk up in the west of your bedroom. 

Shine a bright light on the symbol. This is very important.

Helpful people gua : North west
Use 6 Rod Metal Windchime

The north west of your home is where the heaven luck pours into your home. This is the most important corner. When you energise this corner of your home you are sure to recieve help from heaven. This could be in the form of helpful people, mentors and blessings from the heaven. 

The element of the north west is Metal.

So anything gold plated will activate this corner. You can create a wealth vase and hide it in north west of your home or in the garden. The man of the house will recieve help from heaven and he will create everlasting wealth and riches.

Or place 6 rod windchime plated in gold here. 

Wealth vase made of ceramic or earth is good here because

Earth enhances Metal.

You can have brown or yellow or skin tonne earth colors they will go well with metal colors.

Education gua : North east
Use Crystal Globe, 

If you really want to shine in your examinations or want scholarships and honors in studies, this is the corner you must energise. Even if you need help to think more clearly to make a sense of whats happening in your life this corner needs to be energised.

The element of North East is Earth.

 Place a crystal globe on your study table in the north west if you want to improve your education luck.You will see fast results. Its a good idea to have skin tonne colors in your decor. And they will go well with red color curtains, because

Fire Enhances Earth.

Love and relationship gua : South West
Use Mandarin Ducks, Hearts, Amethyst tree, Double Happiness Symbol


If you are looking to bring more romance into your love or married life, you must enhance the south west of your home or bedroom. This is the corner that brings love and romance. You need to energise this corner if you are keen to find your soul mate.

The Element Of south West is Earth

So you can place crystals in heart shape in pairs. It is also a good idea to energise this corner with bright lights. A red light that is always turned on will fill your life with love and romance because

Fire enhances Earth

You can place candles in pairs or have red color curtains or paint the south west wall red.

The best symbol to place in the south west of your bedroom is the double happiness symbol. Or you can also place a pair of mandarin ducks. These are eternal love symbols.

Wealth gua : South West
Use Water Feature, Wealth Ship, Pot of Gold

You must energise south east corner if you want to be rich. This is the wealth corner. When you have energised it correctly you will be able to pile up wealth and assets. It also ensures that you dont keep falling back into financial troubles and credit mishaps.

The element of south east is wood.

So you can place lush green plants. Have green color in the curtains and carpets. Also its a great idea to have a water feature in the south east of your home or in the garden because

Water Enhances Wood.

But N-E-V-E-R place water feature in the bedroom.

The best way to energise south east is to have a six level waterfall, Keep fish tank or aquariums here. The water needs to be moving or filled with life.

Place a wealth ship here sailing into your house. Or have a pot of gold here.

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