Feng Shui Bathroom Tips

The modern feng shui bathroom has become a cosy haven of treat, luxury and pleasure. With whirlpool bath tub, tiled walk in shower, lights, music its like having a spa at home.

There is nothing wrong with having a beautiful spa like bathroom,

However you must remember that the toilet drain away the luck of any corner. It is better to confine the toilet in a small room within the bathroom. But if thats not possible the toilet will always flush down the luck of any corner.

Is Your Bathroom In Your Wealth Or Love Corner?

Dont worry you are not doomed for life. Bathrooms have to be somewhere, right? However enhancing for love luck or wealth luck in the bathroom or storeroom can create relationship or financial problems and cause the opposite of what you hope to achieve.

if you place crystals in your relationship corner – and it is in the toilet – what happens is that your love would probably get hooked up with some unsavoury female and leave you high and dry. 

In this case, better to suppress the bad earth energy of the toilet with metal wind chimes.

If You have kept golden bath or toilets in your bathroom then you are flushing down your wealth. You should NOT energise your bathroom for money luck. Infact you need to suppress the bad wood energy of southeast bathroom.

Place candles, bright lights or glitter lamps. The fire energy will keep the bad energy under control.

We'll go sector by sector on how to stabilise the nastiness of your toilets and bathroom so that they dont disturb any luck of the 8 corners. I love these symbols for bathroom as they also adorn the bathroom and delight the senses. But you must use them for the right direction.

1. Use Metal Windchime to feng shui bathroom in the Northeast and Southwest.

The tingling sound of metal on metal will keep the bad earth energy under control. And who doesnot respond to the soothing sound of wind chimes? Its music to my ears. However when you place wind chimes be sure that there are no chinese symbols on the wind chimes. You want to suppress the bad earth energy there,  not energise your bathroom with symbols.

Donot place metal wind chimes or anything metal energy in north, north west or west bathrooms. 

2. Use Crystal geode to feng shui bathroom in the South.

Hang a crystal in the window of your bathroom in the south. The beautiful play of rainbow lights from the crystal will supress the bad fire energy of the south bathroom. However cleansing crystals regularly is necessary as they will absorb negative energy.

You can also have Crystal goede. A geode is a rock with a hollow centre. Crystals grow into the hollow and can result in beautiful structures. Its a beauty to behold, a fascinating world in itself. 

Donot place crystals or anything that symbolises earth energy in bathrooms in north west,, south west or north east or west.

3. Use Lush plants to feng shui bathrooms in the north

 Lush green plant in the bathroom in the north  suppress the bad water energy there. They will also  help freshen the air and your spirit. There are actually a number of houseplants that thrive in this room's typically tropical conditions of low light, warmth, and humidity. 

Donot place plants in the bathrooms in south, south east or east.

4. Glitter lamps and candles are for bathrooms in the east or south east

The fire energy of glitter lamps will suppress the bad wood energy of the bathrooms in east and south east. These lamps swirl glitter when turned on and provide the perfect amount of light.  You can simply turn on this lamp and set the mood. The subtle glow and calming motion of a glitter lamp is sure to whisk you off to a calmer and more relaxed state of mind.

You can also use candles in your east or south east bathroom. Especially if you want give your bathroom a nice romantic glow.

Donot place candles or bright lights for bathrooms in the south west, north east or south.

 Shine bright lights at the ceiling if you have a toilet above bedroom, kitchen or entrance. Keep the light turned on for at least 3 hours.

But this is only a temporary solution. So if you are planning to buy your dream house make sure you dont buy a house where the toilet is right above the main door or the bedroom or kitchen and dining area.

5. Place still water in an urn to feng shui bathroom in West Or North West.

You want to weaken the bad metal energy of the west or north west bathroon. You can do this by placing water in an urn. Water weakens metal and it will protect heaven luck and decendants luck from going down  the drain.

6. Mirrors on the bathroom door.

A full length mirror on the bathroom door makes the bathroom disappear. The chi get bounced back into other rooms. So it cannot escape from the drains or toilet.

However the mirror shouldnt reflect any door, bed or another mirror. Also the mirror will double what it reflects. So donot place mirrors if they will reflect dirt, clutter, sharp angles of wall or furnitures.

Instead use a non reflective beautiful screen to hide the bathroom door from the main door or bed. You should never be able to see the toilet door from the entrance.

10 Things Your Mirror Shouldnot Reflect

7. Essential oils.

Let the aroma of essential oils fill your bathroom. An aromatherapy bath (or "aroma bath") can be a soothing retreat or a reviving experience and a lovely way to clean yourself.

Adding essential oil to paint will counteract the unpleasant smell. And because essential oils are not fatty oils, they will leave no oil spots on the walls. 

You can get creative and add essential oils to bulbs when not in use.

8. Choosing your feng shui bathroom rugs.

Feng shui bathroom rugs can enhance the design of your bathroom. You never have to feel limited when choosing feng shui bathroom rugs. There are so many options available. Choose the right color and shape for your bathroom. 

North Bathroom- Choose rectangular shape rugs in green color. 

South Bathroom- Square shape rugs done in skin colors from yellow, pink to chocolate brown are best suited are ideal for south bathroom

East or South East Bathrooms- You can go for triangular bathroom rugs in red color. 

West or North West Bathroom -  Its best to have carpets in blue color and even better if the shap is wavy. Wavy shapes and blue color symbolises water element that exhaust bad metal energy of west or north west bathroom.

South West or North East bathrooms- Have circular shape rugs in silver or grey colors in bathrooms if they happen to be in the south west or north east.

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