Feng Shui Bed Placement: Avoid losses And Misfortune

Correct feng shui bed placement can really help you avoid a series of misfortunes. If you are tired of falling back into financial troubles or health troubles or misfortunes coming in battalions then you could be a victim of a bad bed placement. Rearranging your bedroom can help you tap into an immense good luck. 

How To Create A Romantic Bedroom

Are You Sleeping In One Of Your Auspicious Directions?

Always sleep with your head towards one of your best directions, selecting the direction that corresponds to what you desire most wealth, health, love or personal growth.  For example if you are keen to find your prince charming or snow white then you must sleep in your NIEN YEN (LOVE) direction.

For those who are married looking to bring more romance into your married life you must sleep in your husband's NIEN YEN (LOVE) direction.

Even if its not possible its better to sleep in one of your husband's 4 best directions and avoid the other 4 bad directions. That is the aim of good feng shui bed placement.

How Would You find Out Your or Your husband's Best Directions?

Its simple 

Find out your kua number.  Add up the last two digits of your year in which you were born until you get a single digit. For example - if you are born in june 6 1976 then add up 7+6= 13. reduce it to single digit. so 1+3=4.

 Women will add 5 to the single digit. For your husband you will subtract it from 10.

Find Your Lucky Directions According to Kua Number

Lucky Directions

East, South, North And South East are good for you if your kua numbers are 1, 3, 4 or 9

North East, North West, West And South West would be ideal for you if your kua numbers are 2, 6, 7, 8

Kua number 5 is the same as kua number 2 for males and kua number 8 for females.

Do not worry much if your bedroom is in one of your inauspicious directions. It could be a good thing if it allows you to point your head towards one of your lucky direction. Without violating other rules of bed placement.

If you are married you sleep with your head pointing to one of your husbands best directions. 

Other Feng Shui Bed Placement tabboos

But to achieve this goal you must watch out for other feng shui bed placement tabboos. Now if sleeping in your best direction means :--

 1. lying under a beam, sloped ceiling or ceiling fan - 

then you may develop ailments such as headaches, body aches, and pains. When there is a beam running over the center of  marital bed the couple will have arguments and the relationship will end in a divorce.

Paint the beam the color of the ceiling or stencil it with an “uplifting” design such as clouds or birds in flight. 

You can also go for a canopy bed. I reccomend vornado fans instead of ceiling fans. they are quieter and can be placed near the window

2. open shelves behind the bed - open shelves act as a knife. These act like knives and will encourage people “talking behind your back.” cover them up so that they are not visible.

3. Bed under a window- You need a solid wall behind the headboard. If there is a window then you have no protection behind. You need to move your bed. For a good feng shui bed placement you must always have your head and feet pointing to a solid wall not a window or door.

4. Sharing the same wall as the bedroom door- do not place your headboard along the same wall as your incoming door. You will miss new opportunities in your career or that great partner you want to meet, because you do not see the energy at night coming to you.

If you cannot change your bed to another wall, place a small mirror opposite the door so that when you open your eyes you can see the doorway in the mirror.

But make sure that you cannot see your reflection in the mirror while standing at the door or sleeping in bed.

5. Sharing the same wall as the bathroom door- Do not sleep with your headboard at a wall connecting with the bathroom, especially if the sink, toilet, bathtub, or shower is just behind you. change bed direction.

If that is not possible, place a mirror behind your bed at the level of your head, with the reflective side toward the wall. This reflects the flushing energy away from you instead of on you. 

6. sharp corners- Sharp corners that are pointing directly towards the bed send out poison arrows. Most commonly, we find that sharp edges of furniture or beams, or wall corners that jut into the room, will direct a piercing, stabbing type of energy, aimed directly at the sleeper. If possible, reposition or cover objects that create poison arrows. When you can’t do this, hang a faceted crystal in front of the point to soften its sharp energy. 

7. bed coming directly in line with the door- Avoid placing the bed so that it faces the door. If you don’t have a choice, place a heavy chest at the foot of the bed to block an on-rush of energy from the doorway while you sleep 

8. mirrors facing the bed- Mirrors facing the bed is the most common feng shui bed placement tabboo. Did you know that mirrors reflecting the bed invites a third person into your relationship. And if you are single it will double your lonliness. Make sure you cannot see your image in any mirror from the bed. Click here to see 10 things your mirror shouldnot reflect

10 Things Your Mirror Shouldnot Reflect

9. bed with access from only one side- Having one side of the bed up against a wall leads to one partner feeling…well, up against a wall! S/he does not enjoy the freedom and flexibility that has been granted the other.

Correct feng shui bed placement is most important in feng shui after the main door and kitchen oven placement. You may belong to an east group and sleep in a west bedroom if it allows you to tap your best direction while sleeping.

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