Feng Shui Bed- Things You Should Know Before Buying A Bed

Buying a good feng shui bed is a very important decision. It is almost like marraige. You will be living with your choice for years and years. Hopefully a lifetime. So you must buy a good  bed that improves your love life, prosperity ansd overall health. You dont want it to be a contributing factor in souring a relationship.

How To Make Your Bedroom Romantic

So Here are a few things to watch out for when buying a bed .

1. A good bed must have a solid wooden headboard.

You dont want to sleep in a metal bed and have magnetic waves flying around your head. Choose a bed that is made of one solid piece of wood. An upholstered one can create a more romantic mood. You must avoid headboard that split in the middle.

2. Footboards are not nessescary.

Your man may resent a footboard and feel like he is in a coffin. If you wish to have a foot board it shouldnot be higher than the mattress. Or it will limit travel opportunities.

2. Size of the bed is also important.

If you are keen to find the prince charming or snow white of your dreams then you must make room for your partner in your bed. Even when you are single. Your bed should also fit into your bedroom sanctuary. You must not sleep on two separate mattress as it will lead to separation. I recommend a single mattress on a queen size bed.

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3. Allow energy to move freely under the bed.

A good bed must have legs that allows the energy to circulate under it. This will help you conceive and promote good health. You should not use your bed as a storage. Now dont get mad at me for saying this. If you are living in an apartment then keep clothing in an organised manner.

But there is really no excuse for storing weapons, sharp or metallic objects under the bed. Remove them

4. Canopy bed is fine. But you must choose one that is balanced. No man loves to sleep in a canopy bed decorated in a girly manner.

5. treat both sides of the bed equally.

6. Have a masculine feminine balance.

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