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The feng shui blog is my mini-journal about feng shui. It...

-- lets you know whenever any new web pages appear on Feng Shui. telling you about new tips or trick you can use to maximise good luck.

-- keeps you up-to-date with flying stars that change their positions every month and every year. So you need to activate good stars and have amazing luck and also protect yourself from bad stars when they come into your living room, bedroom or entrance.

Feng Shui Missing Corner

In feng shui missing corner is the biggest problem. Is your house missing out luck because of missing corner. Lets check.

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Feng Shui Home Office

Do you have a good feng shui home office? Learn how to maximise your efficiency by applying these feng shui tips

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Feng shui Crystals

Love feng shui crystals from citrine to amethyst to rose quartz but wondering where and how to place these stones or rocks in the house? Learn about feng shui crystals and their placement in the home.

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Feng Shui Chart

feng shui chart

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Feng Shui House

feng shui house

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