Feng Shui Chart

This is the feng shui chart that gets the most attention. Its so easy to activate the luck of each sector by placing the right objects and colors. Its the most easy to use chart.

Feng Shui Bagua To Attract 8 Types Of Luck

For example if you want promotion, respect and fame you can place a horse in south or color the south wall red. South belongs to the element of fire so red color here brings you fame and gets you in news and help you get promotion and recognition.

It doesnot has to be the south of the house, you could even place it in the south of living room. 

Similarly you can place water feature in the north of living room to enhance your career. Or you can place water feature in the south east of living room to maximise your wealth luck. 

Just remember that you should never place plants, water feature or have blue, green colors in a bedroom.

But, What can you do if there is a bathroom or a kitchen?

For example , lets say that there is a bathroom or kitchen in the north of your home. Then how can you prevent the north bathroom from flushing your career luck. Its simple when you know the element of the sector. The north belongs to water element. 

So what can you do to exhaust the bad water energy of the north bathroom or kitchen? Look at the 2nd feng shui chart. You will find that water is exhausted by wood. So you can place plants in the north bathroom. So you can make sure that your nasty bathroom is not flushing down the career luck.

 How To Exhaust Bad Energy And Energise Element Of Any Corner

And then outside the bathroom which is still the north you can use metal to enhance water element. Why because the 2nd feng shui chart says metal enhances water. So you can have windchimes, or gold or silver color outside the bathroom which is still the north of your home. Or you can place windchimes in the north of your living room.

Feng shui five elements theory is  the basics for different cures for feng shui afflictions. When you understand how different feng shui elements respond to each other you will be able to attract eight types of luck residing in eight corners of your home.

 Also it will help you to decide what colors, shapes and feng shui symbols  to choose and what to avoid in every direction. Whether its your living room or toilets or kitchens.

However sometimes its good to have bathroom or kitchens in certain areas . Especially where you  have bad numbers flying in as annual stars or monthly stars or water stars and  mountain stars.

So you need not do anything about it. Just be happy that the bathrooms, kitchens or store rooms, stairs or garage have trapped the nasty stars that could bring you misfortune or grief.

Numbers in feng shui charts

The numbers appear in the flying star feng shui chart as mountain stars, water stars, annual stars and monthly stars. Your mountain stars and water stars will NOT change their position unless you renovate after 2024.. But the annual stars change their position every year.

Read the chart below and understand how the numbers can influence your luck. You should always look at all the charts before deciding how to enhance your luck and control afflicted areas. Why?

For example lets say you have read that south east is the wealth corner. And you must place water there. But what you may not know is that in 2013, However,

Did you know: In 2013 the annual romance star 4 is in south east. So placing too much water here can cause infidelity in relationships.

So before you jump out of your chair and start activating all the luck of 8 directions  you must carefully look at ALL the charts that apply to your home

For better understanding on feng shui numbers click here. 

Also you will find that some auspicious stars bring you victory, sweet surprises and good luck from heavens manifesting in the form of wealth, abundance or great relationships

How do you know where in your home the lucky stars have flown?

Check the annual stars feng shui chart for 2013. And also then check the mountain stars and water stars. Unlike annual stars the mountain and water stars will remain where they are untill 2024.

But Lets start with annual stars 2013 that change their position every year.

Annual flying star chart for 2013

The annual stars change their position every year. In 2013 Good stars have flown to north, south, north east, south east and north west.

 But you need to activate it. So if you sit, eat or sleep in these areas it brings you good fortune. And you also need protection from bad numbers. In 2013 the inauspicious numbers will be found as annual stars in east, west, center and south west.

So if you have toilets here then its a good reason to celebrate.

Bad numbers are dangerous only when they come into living, dining, bedrooms or entrance.

The numbers that fly into every corners of the house influence the member of the family and also the person born in the years of animal represented by that direction.

For example the north represents career luck. Also we know that the north represents the middle son. And the animal that belongs to the north is rat.

So if you occupy the north room the number 1 will bring victory to you. And if you are also the middle son then your good luck just multiplied. And if you are also born in the year of rat this may be the best year you have ever had. 

Lets say the north of your home happens to be in your living room then you can place water feature (look at the numbers chart it says) to activate the annual star 1 

Another example... look at south west it has 2 star. if you have bedroom then it would make you very ill. Also if you are the mother of the family your illness will multiply. And if you are also born in the years of monkey, sheep its likely your health will suffer a great deal. 

So what can you do about it?

If you look at the 3rd feng shui chart of feng shui numbers you will see that you must place the brass wo lu where the number 2 appears as annual star. So place it in south west this year.

Now if you have a kitchen there then the fire energy strengthens the number 2. See the 3rd feng shui chart. So how do you destroy fire? see the 1st chart. you need water. So place water in an urn.

If you have a toilet, garage, store room, then its good news because they trap the bad stars. Bad stars only affect you when they come in your sitting, eating or sleeping areas.

The annual stars will change their position every year. But the mountain and water stars donot change their position untill 2024.  So its a great help if you are planning to build your home. 

Locate your entrance, living, dining and bedrooms in auspicious areas. This will ensure that your living and bedrooms remain flooded with good energy untill 2024. You need a good feng shui compass to know where the house is facing. 

Figure Out You House Facing Direction

The bad annual stars still do come to your bedroom or living and dining room every year but you know how to control them. But there will be years when you have good stars in your living and dining and bedroom along with good mountain and water stars.  So you can be sure that all the heavens blessings will pour into your home.

Mountain stars followed by Water stars until 2024

If your home was built before 2004 and never renovated after 2004 then this chart does not apply to your house. You must renovate your home to get new vitality and energy of period 8. You require a feng shui compass to know your house facing direction.

Example of a southeast 2/3 facing house

For example lets say you used the feng shui compass and you find out the house is facing south east 2 or south east 3.

So you refer to the chart for south east 2/3. In this feng shui chart you have 2 numbers separated by a comma. The first number is the mountain star and the second number is the water star.

The water star 8 is in the south east. (1,8 means mountain star 1 and water star 8).That means right at the front of the house because the house faces south east 2/3. Now you look at the chart for feng shui numbers. It says that 8 as the water star brings abundant wealth luck. And you need to activate this luck by placing a water feature.

Similarly the mountain star 8 is in north west.(8,6 means 8 mountain star and 6 water star) That means behind the house (since the house is facing south east 2/3). Look at the 3rd feng shui chart again you will see that the mountain star 8 means excellent relationships. But to activate the mountain star 8 you will need to place crystal geode, brick wall or bright lights.

Its a great way to design your house plan. 

Why look for the mountain star 8 and water star 8?

Thats because we are in the period of 8 that started from 2004 and will end in 2024. In the current 20 year period of 8 the number 8 is the most important water star that brings wealth and abundance. And mountain star 8 is the most important mountain star that brings excellent relationship luck.

All your mountain stars and water stars will not change position untill 2024.

Now 3rd feng shui chart you can also see the places where numbers 2 and 5 appear shouldnot have fire. So if planning your southeast 2/3 facing house you should not place kitchens in east, west, north or south. Why because the 2 or 5 appear here either as water stars or mountain stars.

And if you already have kitchens there then you should destroy the fire of the kitchen. You need to ask yourself what will destroy fire? Look at the elements chart, you will find fire is destroyed by water. So you must place water in an urn in the kitchen visited by numbers 2 or 5.

Also you donot want to trap auspicious stars inside kitchens and bathrooms. So place a kitchen in center. Make the kitchen small because its not good to have kitchen in the center. But if only a small part of it is in the center its ok.

Place your living and dining areas in north west, south east and north east. Its best to go for an open plan house so that the auspicious stars do not get trapped inside rooms. Also on the floor above you can have bedrroms in auspicious sectors.

The north west or south west should never have bathrooms or toilets.

However you may have bad stars there as mountain or water stars. So you can turn them into a garage or have stairs or store rooms or guest rooms.

Buy a good compass, find your house direction and then superimpose all the feng shui chart on the house plan. This will be the complete feng shui guide.

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