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 Are you using feng shui compass? If not then you must be estimating directions according to the sun. Mistake! Big mistake! Many of the powerful and potent feng shui formulaes require a very  precise reading. You absolutely need to arm yourself with not just any compass but a  fengshui compass. 

How is it different from a normal compass?

In a normal compass you will find 4 primary directions that is north, south, east, west and 4 secondary directions North east, south east, north west and south west. So thats a total of 8 direction. 

A feng shui compass will not only have 8 directions but each of the direction is subdivided into 3 sub directions. So you have a toal of 24 directions in this kind of compass. So you will know exactly if you are facing north then is it north 1, north 2 or north 3. Each direction is divided into 3 sub direction.

Now, Why Do we need 3 sub directions?

Because in many of the powerful and potent feng shui formula depends on that. So lets say your house is facing south then the flying star charts for a  house facing south 1 will be totally different from that of a house facing south 2 or 3.

So for a south 2 or 3 facing house (built or renovated after 2004) you have auspicious locations in South, West, Southwest. But if you angle the door by a few degrees to face south 1 sitting or sleeping in these areas become brings loss, tragedy and misfortune to you until 2024. 

Its crucial to know which sub direction your house is facing so that you can select the right flying star chart for your home,

So, how do you take directions with feng shui compass?

If you are taking the facing direction of your home. If you are taking the facing direction- stand infront of the house where you think the house is facing. .The arrow (with the words "READ BEARING HERE") should be pointing towards the direction you intend to take i.e. the main entrance into the building.  

Put your feng shui compass very flat on your palm so that it doesnt tilt either ways and give you a wrong reading. Let it fiddle around for a while. Then when the needle on the compass is still simply rotate the movable dial on the compass. You dont have to turn around to do this.

Simply rotate the dial so that compass needle, which points to the magnetic north is right above the red arrow on the lower face of the dial 

The white mark on the fixxed blue dial gives you the exact reading (in degrees) for the direction you are facing. 


(MAIN Door               (IN DEGREES)

  • South 1               157.5 - 172.5
  • South 2               172.5 - 187.5
  • South 3                187.5 - 202.5
  • SouthWest 1        202.5 - 217.5
  • SouthWest 2         217.5 - 232.5
  • SouthWest 3         232.5 - 247.5
  • West 1                  247.5 - 262.5
  • West 2                  262.5 - 277.5
  • West 3                  277.5 - 292.5
  • NorthWest 1          292.5 - 307.5
  • NorthWest 2          307.5- 322.5
  • NorthWest 3          322.5 - 337.5
  • North 1                  337.5-  352.5
  • North 2                  352.5- 007.5
  • North 3                  007.5- 022.5
  • NorthEast 1           022.5- 037.5
  • NorthEast 2           037.5 - 052.5
  • NorthEast 3            052.5 - 067.5
  • East 1                   067.5- 082.5
  • East 2                   082.5-  097.5
  • East 3                  097.5- 112.5
  • SouthEast 1          112.5 - 127.5
  • SouthEast 2          127.5 - 142.5
  • SouthEast 3          142.5 - 157.5

Facing direction of the main door and the house may not be the same

  •  The the facing direction of a house is not nessescarily the direction main door faces. It is usually where it faces a road, especially a busy or important road. When the road is busy, it is usually definitely the facing direction. Its the place where there is maximum movement AND YANG ENERGY.
  • There has to be a door or a window. If there is no door or window then it cant be the house facing direction.


  • The facing direction of apartments or condominiums, it is the facing direction of the whole apartment building
  • If you live above the ninth floor, the “facing direction” of your apartment is no longer determined by the building. Instead, your facing direction is now the direction that offers you the most extensive view. 

How to take directions inside the home

Stand in the middle of the house. check which direction is your main door is facing. Then you superimpose the compass on the floor plan and mark all the other areas as east 1, east2, east3 and so on. If your house is missing a corner then first draw lines to  fill the gaps and then find the center of the house. 

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