Feng Shui Crystals

All feng shui crystals have a meaning and uses. For example rose quatrz is used to stimulate love and open the heart chakra. While Amethyst is a spiritual stone. Every feng shui crystals have a different use. So choose your crystals. Then learn about how to activate them and where to place them in the house.

Rose quartz

This feng shui crystal is used in southwest of the house. This is because southwest is connected to love, marraige and relationships. Rose quartz is used to stimulate love and to open the heart chakra

Rose quartz is available in the shape of heart, bracelet or pencil shape. You can also find it in the form of a bunch of grapes (Rose quartz bunch). It is useful to keep in southwest of the house to enhance relationships with loved ones.

Place 2 heat shaped rose quartz in southwest of the bedroom to improve the relationship with your loved one.

To attract love, one can wear a heart shaped pendant made out of rose quartz.

Rose quartz is also useful for healing of old memories and emotional traumas which you may have occured due to childhood abuse, neglect, separation. You can also use this feng shui crystal for healing broken hearts by a loved one.


Amethyst is a purple colored crystal. It is a spiritual stone. It is useful in preventing addictions, drunkeness and over indulgence. It increases will power and alertness. It is said that keeping amethyst under the pillow improves insomnia and induces a peaceful sleep.

This feng shui crystal is used in a powerful taoist ritual to prevent your husband from having affairs with other women! The ritual involves tying a red string to the amethyst crystal and placing it under the bed, on the side that you sleep on.

So if the wife is sleeping on the right side of the bed and she wants to control the husband then she must place a amethyst under the bed on the right side. It can be placed under the bed or tied to the foot of the bed on the right side below you-- not not husband.

Amethyst is also used for increasing pyschic awaerness.

Gem Tree

A crystal gem tree is a small tree made of many semi precious stone and crystals. This is the feng shui cure for wealth. It should be placed in southeast corner of the house to improve the wealth luck. You can also place it in northwest of the house to improve the career of the breadwinner of the house.

Crystal Shree Yantra

One of the most powerful of all the Indian symbols is the shree yantra. This is a symbol of the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The shree yantra in its most powerful form is sculpted out of clear quartz in a three dimensional form in the right geometry as described in the ancient holy books.Shree yantra is also made in 2 dimensional form made of gold, silver or copper. But the 3 dimensional form made of real quartz is said to be the most powerful symbol for wealth. Place it in northeast corner of the house. 

How to purify feng shui crystals

You must purify and program all feng shui crystals and stones before using them. The procedure is as follows:-

  • Immerse the crystal in a glass of water with 4 teaspoons of salt. Use a non metallic glass for this purpose
  • Keep the crystal in the water for atleast 1 hour.
  • After a hour throw away the salt and water and wash the crystal under flowing tap water.
  • After this keep it on a ceramic saucer and keep it in sunlight for 1  hour. This is the purification procedure. After purification the crystal is free from any bad vibration.

How to program feng shui crystals

  •  First decide what you want the crystal to do for you. Then think of a very appropriate picture which clearly describes what you want. 
  • Example if you want to improve your career or a promotion then imagine a picture where you are sitting in a seat of the desired new designation with a plaque describing your new rank or position kept on the office table.
  • Dont forget to visualise the picture with a smile. This symbolise satisfaction and happiness.
  • Another example-- if you want happiness for the full family then use an image of full family similing and happy together with every one in good health and the ladies of the house wearing a lot of expensive jewellery. 
  • Practise this till you are able to easily form and retain the image in the mind. 
  • Once you are ready with it then get your feng shui crystal and keep it in your left palm and cover it with your right palm. 
  • Get the practised picture back in your mind and retain it for 5 to 10 seconds. 

Programmng the crystal is like recording your desire in the crystal. The crystal will now channelise its powers to acheive the positive goal which has been programmed on it. The above mentioned process is what a layman can do. But readers who are well versed in Reiki can go a step further and energise the crystal with Reiki and their symbols.

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