Feng Shui House Plans For Your Dream Home

What if you could find a perfect feng shui house plans that brings you the luck of an emperor? I mean wealth at your door step, opportunities banging your door for years and years. Imagine Properity and good luck flowing throughout the house throughout the 20 years of period 8. while you enjoy good fortune in all your relationships. Also success in your interactions with people. 

If you build your house around the natal flying star chart You always seem to be at the right place at the right moment. for years and years. 

So until 2024, you and your family could enjoy tremendous good fortune in the form of wealth, fame, success, respect, recognition, family happiness, and harmony - as well as excellent descendants who bring honor to the family. .

Why 2024? We are in the period of 8 that starts from 2004 and ends in 2024. So Until 2024 certain areas of your house will be flooded with auspicious flying stars that bring you good luck from the heavens.

Your feng shui house plans will depend on where the  auspicious stars are located. You can capture them in significant areas such as main door, living room, bedroom and dining room. But if they are in kitchens or toilets, or get flown “outside” your home, the good stars are wasted.

Also your feng shui house plans need to trap the inauspicious stars in kitchen, toilets, stairs or garage so that you remain protected from loss, tragedy and misfortune until 2024. 

All this may sound too complex but I ll demystify the process in a moment. Its easy to have great feng shui house plans when  you are armed with a good feng shui compass and you know what direction your main door is facing.

1. Figure out the facing direction of your house

The facing direction of the house is going to be the facing direction of the main door. Unless you have another door or  a window that is facing a busy road, park or open ground or a water feature.

Homes or buildings that have a clearly defined main door have the best potential for enjoying continuous good fortune. Homes that lack this have an uncertain and unstable flow of chi, thereby creating uncertain luck.

In the same way, homes or buildings that have competing main doors also cause confusion and instability for the energy entering into the home.

2. Water Feature Infront Of The Home Invites Wealth

If your house face north west 2 or 3, south east 2 or 3 and south west 1You can have a pond or pool with some depth (at least 18 inches deep) and if possible, with a continuous flow of water coming into the pond to signify constant replenishment. This brings enormous wealth luck..

For houses that face North 1, South 2/3, East 1 and West 2/3 have a six-level waterfall where the height does not exceed six feet. Get a water pump to create a waterfall effect and have a pond at the base to collect the water. Make certain the water flows inwards towards the door.

A round water feature also disolves the harmful effects of hostile buildings. 

3. Mountains Behind Good Fortune In Relationships

Dont worry if you dont have mountain behind. You could still create that luck by having  brick wall or some higher ground behind the house. Doing this ensures you enjoy good relationship luck and success in dealing with people. 

If your main door face north west 2 or 3, south east 2 or 3 and south west 1 then mountains behind also bring you good relationships with family, co workers, friends. There will be little infighting and harmonious relationships.


Ideally you want feng shui house plans where HEAVEN LUCK gets energised by water before entering the main door. And you want this auspicious energy  at the front of the house to flood to the entire reception area and not be locked up in a small room.

So Your living room (public area) can be seprated with frosted glass of half-walls. This creates the feeling of visual partition. However you still get the  feeling of an open expense and space.

Also for houses that face east and west have auspicious HEAVEN LUCK in the center. The houses facing north east and south west also have the auspicious stars in the center. The layout should  “open” the center of the house. This means that we have one large room in the center, not little rooms which end up trapping good stars.

6. Place Your living And Dining Rooms in Auspicious Areas.

This is very important if you want to have  excellent feng shui house plans. Your sitting, sleeping and eating areas should have good flying stars. Just make sure that the living room is not higher than the dining room. And also there should be no poison arrows or protruding corners in the living room.

Thje living room naturally follows the main entrance. You can have small partitions for semi private areas as your dining room.


North 1 facing house have auspicious locations in ------- North, East, Northeast

South 2/3rd facing houses have auspicious locations in-------- South, West, Southwest

East 1 facing houses have auspicious locations------------ North, East, center

West 2/3 facing houses have auspicious locations--------- South, West, center

Northeast1 facing houses have auspicious locations in ---------- North,West,North east, Southwest and Center

South West1 facing houses have auspicious location in ------- North, West, North East, South west, Center

Northwest 2/3 have auspicious locations in ---------- Northeast, Southeast, North west, 

Southeast 2/3 have auspicious locations ------------ Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, 


Avoid too many doors and windows. It is best not to have 2 doors or more in the living room. If so, it is advisable to close some of them. As for the windows, it should follow the ideal ratio of window to doors, which should not exceed 3:1.

8. Sleep in Bedrooms with auspicious locations on the floor above.

Especially if your house is below road level. It becomes very important to have two level house. Let the upper level be higher than the road. Let the bedrooms be on the upper level. 

As you enter your bedroom or your study or home office, doors should be positioned to face one of your auspicious directions (from the room you are entering looking out), so that the energy you bring with you into your room is auspicious for you. Make sure that the bedroom door is not directly facing the stairs or bathroom door or kitchen door. And please donot build fancy archways in the bedroom.

In the case of shared rooms, it is the husband or the patriarch whose direction you should follow.

The auspicious bedroom would have good stars in the room.Sleep facing one of their four lucky directions. Make sure there is no bathroom, kitchen above, below or behind the bed. Also take note of other bed placement tabboos


It is best to have a rectangular or square shaped bedroom. Try to use the magic ratio if you can. The magic ratio is 1:1.618. This means that the proportion of the bedroom should be 1 (the short side) to 1.618 (the long side).

7. Trap the inauspicious stars into kitchen, bathroom or stairs or garage Until 2024.

You can never have auspicious feng shui house plans if toilets, kitchens, stairs and garage are placed in auspicious areas. They will simply get wasted. But if the bad stars fall in your entrance, bedrooms, living or dining rooms they will bring loss, tragedy and illness. It is best to lock bad stars in toilets, kitchens, stairs and garage or guest rooms.


North 1- South, West (avoid kitchen here), Southeast (avoid kitchen here), Southwest

South 2/3- North, East(avoid kitchen here), Northwest(avoid kitchen here), Northeast

East 1-  South(avoid kitchen here), Southwest, Southeast, Northwest(avoid kitchen here)

West 2/3- North(avoid kitchen here), Northeast, Northwest, Southeast(avoid kitchen here)

North east 1- South, West, Southwest(avoid kitchen here), East

South west 1- Southeast, East, South, West

North west 2/3- North, South, East, West, Center and Southwest

South east 2/3- North, South, East, West, Center, South west

9. The S-N houses are excellent for East-group people, while the SW-NE houses are excellent for both group people

All the other houses are good for both east group as well as the west group. Being a South-North orientation, the main door has to be angled to best suit the owner. So for West group persons, you can angle the door to face a Southwest direction, which is an auspicious direction for West group people. 

To fully tap the energy of Period 8, the most ideal condition is to have a water feature in the Southwest and a mountain feature in the Northeast to capture the direct and indirect spirit of the period respectively.

The south west 1 facing house has water 8 star infront and mountain 8 star behind. Also its a house of ten.

 The sum of ten brings an abundance of happiness, encompassing wealth, longevity, good health, a love of virtue, and excellent descendents luck. Significantly it also brings the promise of a natural death for residents so it protects against premature and violent death.

It has the strength to override all other "rules" of the flying star system, including even the Five Yellow and other ominous indications. Such is the power of the sum of ten.


  • The best shape for home  is a rectangular shape Triangular or round shape are not suitable for houses.
  • A rectangular shape house that is deep, suggests prosperity for a very long time. To have good feng shui house plans its important to have depth. That means if you want to go from the front door to the back of the house then you must atleast have 3 rooms in between.
  • Irregular shapes like L or N or U buildings cause you to loose the luck of missing corners. But extentions are auspicious as they bring makes the luck of any corner stronger.
  • A building that gets smaller as it gets higher is said to resemble an upward pointing arrow. It is therefore auspicious.
  • A building which has its bellycut up cannot possibly be auspicious.
  • Buildings should always appear to stand on solid ground. Buildings that stand on columns with open parking lots on the ground and lower floors suffer from cash flow problems. Always close up the lower levels and place proper rooms there.


Make sure you do not build a house that has a roof line pointed at someone else’s home. Remember that when they retaliate with a Pa Kua, the poison arrow rebounds back at you ! 

Continuous sloping appearance. is very inauspicious since it implies that money or wealth is flowing away from the house down the slope, and the occupants are unable to hang onto it.

It is better not to have a “hole” in the center of the roof line.Unless the roof opening is an open-air courtyard, a hole in the roof line can be a dangerous feature, so I discourage it

Roof which narrows to a point upwards indicates movement upwards and growth. It is thus a very auspicious shape.

Never have water on top. Swiming pool on terrace is a dangerous feature.


Avoid staircase in the middle of the house.

Avoid spiral staircases, as these resemble a corkscrew into the very heart of the home.

Staircases should not have hollows or openings in the steps.

This suggests “leaks” in the steps, leading to leaks to the family wallet. Staircases must be solid. Avoid badly fitted or creaky . The top and bottom of the staircase should never face the main door.  Auspicious staircases are wide and gracefully curved.

Place a screen or divider between the stair and main door to block the energy from moving too fast if your staircase happens to directly face the main door.

Use wooden staircase in east, south east or south, metal stair case in north, north west or west and concrete ones in south west, north east, west, north west..

Main door

Main doors should open inwards into a wide space rather than a cramped narrow corridor. It is also necessary to have an open space on the outside of the main door, known as a bright hall. If there is a foyer and it is too tiny, far better to do away with the foyer..

Be careful of what lies above the main door. A nasty toilet above your main door can spoil everything.

Design your house so that there are no beams above the main door. Ceiling designs that have pointed-edges are bad especially when they are over the main door or foyer.

Do not place another door beside the main door as this would confuse the energy trying to enter your house.

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