Feng Shui In The Home Checklist

Are you worried over every minor details about the feng shui in the home? Are you scared that you might be a victim of your surroundings or something bad is just waiting to happen to you? Relax.

Feng shui is supposed to be fun. Its about maximising good luck and opportunities.

There is no need to be so stressed about every minor details. In feng shui you cannot get everything right. And that's ok.  

For example let's say that your stove is in the wrong position - you might get obsessed and feel stuck because you cannot change it. You must ignore it and see what else you can do to maximise good luck. 

The natural surroundings is very dominant. So even if you have bad feng shui in the interior the effect is not important if your home enjoys superb feng shui landscaping.

1. Do you have mountain or tall buildings or plants behind?

You need support of a mountain or tall buildings or plants behind. If there is a river or road behind then you will find no support in life. If you absolutely cannot create higher ground behind, hang a painting or picture of a turtle at the back portion of your home, or even better keep a turtle, a real turtle, a ceramic or bronze one will do just fine. You can also keep one in the north of your house.

2. Do you have water infront?

Its excellent feng shui to have water in front. Also houses that face  north west 2 or 3, south east 2 or 3 and south west 1. or north east 1 have wealth star in front of the house if it was built or renovated after 2004. So when you have water in front it brings tremendous wealth for years and years. A great cure against poison arrows from neighbouring buildings is a large fountain in front of the entrance into your building. This benefits everyone

3. Are you living below road level?

If your land in front of the front door is below road level, you can build a two level house, and make sure the bedrooms are on the upper level, and if possible adjust the home so that the left side of the entrance door is higher than the right side.

Overpasses and overhead roads are the source of deadly chi-energy. Think of them as rivers high up the mountain that symbolize water reaching its peak, and spells danger.

4. Is the left side higher than the right side?

if you are living in an apartment and have no control over the landscaping, it is an great idea to energise the dragon inside your home. Place a picture of a dragon on any of the East walls of your home, OR place a ceramic representation of the dragon on the East side of your living room

5. Do you have anything tall blocking your main door?

Is there anything tall like a hill or an imposing building in front of your house or the main door? The nearer the building is to you, the more harmful it is.You must have nothing tall in front for at least twice the length of your house. A simple solution is to change the door so that the tall imposing building is behind you. It then stars protecting you.

 If its impossible, install very bright lights in front of the house, and keep these lights turned on.

6. Is the shape of your house a regular square or rectangle?

 Transform an L shape home into a rectangular shaped home. You can also do the same for U shaped and N shaped homes. You can add a room, or if it feels too expensive just landscaping the corner with plants and stepping stones, capped by a tall light in the corner will visually stretch the corner out. If you do not have a garden or you live in an apartment use a wall mirror. But do not place mirror inside the bedroom.

7. Is your main door facing a straight road?

Straight driveways can be successfully softened by smart landscaping that means making plants and flowering bushes break up and camouflage sharp, straight lines.

Or simply move the door to deflect the straight road charging towards it. Or simply block the offending junction by planting a hedge.

Another way is to make sure the level of the house is higher than the road coming straight at it, this puts the house over the poisonous breath and successfully averts misfortune.

An even further method is building  a solid high wall (at least 6 feet/2m high) to block out the road. If you have enough land then you can do this but remember you should not have anything tall in front of you for at least twice the length of your home.

 Finally, if all else fails, grow a clump of bushy trees; they are very effective in deflecting all the killing breath brought by the straight road.

8. Is your main door facing angular roof line of your neighbor’s house ?

This is a serious poison arrow. If it directly hits at your front door use a Pa Kua mirror to counter it.

9. Is your building standing on solid ground?

Do not allow the house to stand on exposed stilts because it creates emptiness below the house. It means a lack of foundation. Close up the lower levels and place proper rooms there. This CAN transform a inauspicious home into a very auspicious one.

10. Is your main door facing the garbage across the road, single trees, lamp posts, telephone poles, street signs pointed at your door?

Block them off from view, or divert the shar chi elsewhere with a wall or hedge.

11. Is your main door facing Anything that is triangular in shape and peaked?

 Use a Large 5 rod wind chime with rods at least 1 foot (30cm) in length. A wind chime made of wood (usually bamboo) in this instance will be more powerful than one made of metal.

12. Are you living too near to transmission tower?

It's best to move away but if its not possible then, build a small pond to wipe out the blazing energy of the tower; you should consider painting the outside of your house blue. 

13. Are you living too near to hospitals?

If you live near a hospital, keep your home well lit and filled with Yang energy. Play music and introduce more red and more bright, vibrant colors into your home. "The same advice applies to those who live near police stations and prisons

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