Feng Shui Landscaping

Looking for feng shui landscaping advice? Have you been wandering online for ideas, photos, tips, etc.? Sure you have. It's great to have ideas. But very soon you know you need to make decisions. The problem is, how would you know they are the right ones? 

  You shouldnt make mistakes in the feng shui landscaping.

The natural environment is very powerful. So Even if your interiors suffer from feng shui mistakes,you dont need to worry if your home enjoys excellent feng shui landscaping and physical surroundings

Ideal Surrounding in feng shui landscaping.

The ideal surrounding is the arm chair formation. Its so auspicious that rich chinese tycoons in the far east have created this formation artificially around their home while doing their feng shui landscaping. And If you live in Apartment then the entire building will have fantastic feng shui.

1. The ideal location have the mountain behind, and water in front !

  In modern In modern landscapes,  if there is any tall plants or large building near where you live, make sure it is behind your home, not in front. it simulates the black turtle hills that is behind offering support. The land at the back must be higher than the land infront.

The area in front of your home, and your front door should be left empty. But have a small elevation, or even a rock on the front lawn to represent the phoenix is an auspicious feature.Its also auspicious to have water infront.

2. The land on the left of the house (inside looking out) should be slightly higher than land on the right.

The dragon lives on the left of the house and the tiger lives on the right. You should never allow tiger to dominate the dragon and enter your home. So Let the neighbor on your left be slightly higher than the neighbor on your right.

3. Land is undulating rather than flat so that it allows the energy to curve and turn.

Having a land that is flat with only grass is as bad as sharp arrows, the energy moves too fast over the flat field and is not harmonized and meandering. A flat land cannot house dragons. The more the energy curves curves and turns the better it is. 

4. Pathway towards your home or in your garden should always be like a meandering stream and not a straight road.

Feng shui Landscaing ideas for Back Yard

Have a back yard ending up at the gazebo, surrounded by plants and trees. The tall trees offer the support of mountain behind. And the gazebo can be quite the striking focal point. Also it provides shade as well as a place to sit.

Lovely ones are made with domed tops that look like the back of tortoise and beautiful pillars. Its great to have a tortoise behind.

If you dont want to install the floor yourself you can purchase a garden gazebo with a wooden floor as part of the gazebo. Done.  If the patio is at the back of the house, you can build a small rockery in simulation of the protective tortoise mountain. 

Feng Shui Landscaping ideas for Front Yard

Feng shui landscaping Ideas for front yard are unlimited. You can have planting beds, driveway, walkway,  water feature. Your landscape should welcome you with attractive plantings, a nice driveway, and a comfortable walkway.

A curved walkway that connects to your driveway is ideal. Because the chi (energy) slows down before moving into your home. Everyone loves curved walkways. If you just have one curve, you can add interest by slightly curving the starting or ending points. 

A  round water fountain in front of the entrance protects you from poison arrows from the neighbourhood. It.makes Chi or energy circulate gently and harmoniously around the fountain before moving into your home. It also represents the phoenix which should be infront of the house.

Landscape Steps

The land on the left must be higher than the land on the right (looking out from the front door). This is a very vital rule of feng shui landscaping.

Outdoor steps might be incorporated into a walkway design to raise the land on the left.  Create small planting beds along the edges of the steps with low growing perennials such as Thyme or Sedums. 

Keep garden steps  to the side of the house not infront or in line with the back door. Your steps shouldnt be starting directly in front of the main gate or be directly facing the main door

Garden steps should be as wide and as spacious as possible, and preferably circular. Dont make it  too steep or too narrow. Make it comfortable.

Drive ways

When creating drive ways remember that it should not appear that a straight road is coming towards your home.That brings sharp arrows to your doors, A driveway parallel to the house is not harmful, nor is if it is by the side of the house. 

Circular driveway design is excellent feng shui landscaping. It typically begin at the street, travels across the area close to the front door, and continues out to the street again. If thats not possible then create a winding driveway.  if your drive way narrows outwards or inwards its bad for business and for careers. Either regularise it or  place lights at the narrow ends. 

 Driveways that are narrower than the main door or too disproportionately wide are also inauspicious.Driveways should not slope downward, away from the house."is causes Chi to flow outward, thus draining away money and good fortune

Trees And Plants

Trees will make any garden look special. Their size creates a sense of scale while special features, such as flowers, make them very striking. They also block poison arrows when placed at the sides of entrance. 

However a tree standing right infront of your main door is bad news all the way.

Its best to have tallest trees at the back.  But you shouldnt grow trees too near to the house or they will overwhelm it with their immense growth energy.

Always prune trees so that their growth is controlled. Make sure the trees on the left are taller than the ones on the right.

Water Feature Infront Of The Home Invites Wealth

If your main door face north west 2 or 3, south east 2 or 3 and south west 1. or north east 1. You can have a pond or pool with some depth (at least 18 inches deep) and if possible, with a continuous flow of water coming into the pond to signify constant replenishment. This brings enormous wealth luck..

For houses that face North 1, South 2/3, East 1 and West 2/3 have a six-level waterfall where the height does not exceed six feet. Get a water pump to create a waterfall effect and have a pond at the base to collect the water. Make certain the water flows inwards towards the door.

You can slightly angle your main door to face these directions if they dont. Doing this will ensure that you make the most of auspicious water star 8 infront of the house.

Missing Corners

Now every corner has a unique luck residing in it. You must fill up the missing corners to restore the category of luck residing in the corner.

For example if south east corner of your home is missing you will find it difficult to accumulate wealth. If south west is missing then you may never be able to find a soul mate or satisfying relationship. A missing north corner ensures you stay unhappy in work and career. 

For homes with gardens and where there is no space constraint the best way is to literally build an extension which regularizes the overall shape, transforming an L shape home for instance into a rectangular shaped home.The same can be done for U shaped and N shaped homes.

You can add a room, patio, deck or pergolas in the missing sector. Or if this is too expensive you can simply landscape the corner with plants and stepping stones, capped by a tall light in the corner thereby visually stretching the corner out. Or inside the house you can correct this with mirrors

Fencing wall

Do not build a high wall or a fence too near to the house. This is to allow the auspicious chi to flow around the house.The house shouldnt face anything tall infront of the main door for atleast twice the length of the house.

Build a solid high wall (at least 6 feet/2m high) to block out the road. This is especially helpful to block poison arrows from a t or y junction or straight road facing your main door.

Also consider growing a clump of bushy trees; these can be very effective in deflecting all the killing breath introduced by the straight road. 

Fences of walls around the house should be of equal height.

Entrance Gates

Gates flanked by pillars are excellent feng shui landscaping. The size of gates should be proportional to the house.  Do not engulf your gate with creepers or vines. Finally make sure the entrance gates open inwards not outwards.

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