Feng Shui Love Tips
To Find Your Prince Charming Or Snow White

Feng shui love tips can help you meet your prince charming or the snow white of your dreams.  Are you are tired of relationships souring and not able to find your perfect soul mate? Or You may be you are looking to bring more romance into your love or married life. Feng shui love tips will always work its magic. You dont have to wait all your life.

South West And North West Are Two Important Corners

The Southwest corner will represents romance, love and marriage. When you enhance this corner with good feng shui, your marriage and love luck will be shining. So dont buy a  home if its south west corner is missing. It must be beautiful, airy and well lit. 

Place a red or yellow lamp into Southwest of your bedroom. This will activate the powerful chi-energy of this corner. You must always activate the southwest whenever you are looking to attract luck of romance and relationship.

Also check that the north west corner is also not missing. The north west represents the father, husband or male energy. If you want a caring husband who thinks about you then the north west must be well lit, airy and free from clutter. You should never have a kitchen in north west.

Feng Shui Love Tips For Bedroom

Make space for a new partner in your bedroom. This is the mother of all feng shui love tips. Is your bedroom only has floral prints, pink color and soft toys ? All these signals to the universe that you are happy to be single. Any man entering your bedroom would not be comfortable.

Similarly men who are looking to attract a partner must also strive for a balance. You wouldn’t want the feminine energy in the room to overtake the masculine energy in the room (or vice versa) because that creates an imbalance of energy or disharmony.

You must make space for your partner in the bedroom. Ask yourself "Is my bed too small ?" Do I have space in  closet for my partner? Are the colors too masculine or feminine?

One of the most important feng shui love tips is to keep objects in pairs. Have 2 side tables, pillows, photo frames, everything in pairs. 

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Feng Shui Symbols for love

Does the jewellery or art hanging on the wall remind you of your ex lover? Why invite your ex into bed along with your new lover! Isnt that a turn off!  Get rid of anything that reminds you of past loves. It’s very difficult to attract a new love if your bedroom is resparking old flames

 Potrait of a single woman staring into the space is not good bedroom feng shui. This includes portraits of yourself. You dont want to be sad or lonely, do you? So why hang them in your love corner. Replace these images with pictures or symbols of romantic couples. 

And, does anyone really want to be looked at by dozens of pictures of family members while in bed? A little privacy, please! The same applies to religious figures, such as the Virgin Mary or a crucifix 

You can place a love symbols like double happiness symbol or mandarin ducks in southwest of your bedroom. They will help you find the snow white of prince charming of your dreams.

 Alternatively you can also display the ultimate love symbol, which is the Dragon with Phoenix. 

Tap Your Personal Love Direction on your 1st date

If you face your love direction when you meet somebody, you are instantly at an advantage. If you go out on a first date with someone you like, chances of it developing into a romance becomes much higher.

Nien Yen Direction:


Kua 1-  South

Kua 2- North west

Kua 3- South East

Kua 4- East

Kua 5- For kua no. 5 it becomes kua no. 2 for males

                                                  kua no 8 for females

Kua 6- south west

Kua 7- North east

Kua 8- West

Kua 9- North

To find your kua number simply Add up the last two digits of your year in which you were born until you get a single digit. For example - if you are born in june 6 1976 then add up 7+6= 13. reduce it to single digit. so 1+3=4.

 Women will add 5 to the single digit. For your husband you will subtract it from 10.

Click here to know more about kua numbers

Peach Blossom luck : Feng shui love tips for attracting love

 Peach blossom is a simplest of all the feng shui love tips that attract the love into your life.. When you activate your Peach Blossom luck, it brings someone you can love into your life. This will be someone who will have a great bonding with and will turn out to be a real soul mate.

You need to find out the animal sign for the year you were born. 

And then you can find your peach blossom animal sign from the below chart,

Place a picture of your peach blossom animal in the appropriate direction and have a bright light shining on the picture.

If You are born in the year of RAT, MONKEY OR DRAGON 

you must place an image of a Rooster in the west of your bedroom and shine a bright light on the animal.

If you are born in the year of RABIT, BOAR, SHEEP

You can place an image of rat in the north of your bedroom and shine a bright light on the image.

For people born in the year of SNAKE, ROOSTER, OX

the peach blossom animal is horse. Have a painting of horse in the south of your bedroom and shine a bright light on the animal

Finally if you are born in the year of TIGER, HORSE OR DOG

then placing an image of rabit and shining a bright light on the animal will bring you the prince charming or the snow white of your dreams.

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