Feng Shui Missing Corner

In feng shui missing corner creates problems in various spheres of life. It depends on what corner is missing in the house.So what exactly is a missing corner. Lets understand.

See the image below.

In this image the northeast of the house is missing. This is because the shape of the house is such that northeast is outside the house-- not inside. So northeast of the house is missing.

So how exactly does the various missing corners affects a person's life?

Lets discuss.

Feng shui missing corner: NORTHEAST

If the northeast of the house is missing then it means poor education luck. Your mind will be in confusion. You will find it difficult to make decisions quickly. This will have a bad effect on career. You will only get 10 percent success.

Health wise:-- There could be problems in head or brain. Many people who live in a house with missing northeast complain of migraines.

Feng shui missing corner: Southeast

In feng shui southeast is considered to be a wealth corner. So missing southeast means you will have less wealth. Luxuries will also decline. I have observed that when the house is missing southeast then sex goes out of life.

Unmarried people find it very difficult to get married. Those who are married quarrel a lot.

Missing southeast also means you will find it difficult to have a baby.

Healthwise:-- Missing southeast causes problems in knee or joints. Many people who live in such a house suffer from arthritis.

Feng shui missing corner: Northwest

Northwest is connected to the luck of friends and helpful people. So its a simple calculation that if the northwest is missing then you will have less friends and more enemies. Or there will be loneliness. Many people who live in such house face a courtcase.

Relation with mother will be bad.

Healthwise:-- It will also cause problems in knees or joints. Many people who live in a house with missing northwest suffer from arthritis.

Feng shui missing corner: Southwest

Southwest is the corner of earth element. And this element provides stability. So when the southwest is missing then it means there is no stability in life. By stability I also mean financial stability. 

This is one of the reasons why people who have missing area in southwest have a lot of debts. They cannot get out of debts. By 25th of the month they spend everything they earned. And then they are looking where to borrow more money. In short there is no stability.

Healthwise:-- It creates problems in feet-ankles, kidneys or lower back pains.

Feng shui cure for missing area.

There are a lot of ways to cure missing areas. I will explain a simple cure that is easy to apply. Mirrors. You can use mirror to cure the missing area. Suppose the northeast corner is missing then you should place the mirror here.

Why does mirror cure the missing area? Because mirror willl give an illusion of space that will fill out the missing area.

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