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When you think of feng shui numbers most people can think of is only kua numbers. Thats what you are going to find on the internet. But did you know that the feng shui numbers themselves  bring various kind of luck to your home. Good and bad. 

When you hear about untimely muggings, rapes, accidents and deaths on news it should remind you that victims were afflicted with bad energy. It causes them to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

When you learn about feng shui numbers you can reduce the occurrence of accidents and misfortunes in your life. So it is really a very worthwhile skill to acquire.

Also good stars can cause  financial windfalls, unexpected good news or opportunities, a promotion at work, a chance meeting that brings happiness. But you need to activate the good stars correctly.

familiarizing yourself with the Flying Star chart.

A typical feng shui chart has 3 numbers in all the 8 corners. The big number in the center is the period number. And you have two small numbers. The number to the left of period number is mountain star And number to the right of the period number is the water star.

The water star governs everything to do with income luck and accumulations of wealth, while the mountain star has to do with luck in all your relationships. It also governs your health luck. But you need to activate it properly.

 You must find out  where the water star 8 and mountain star 8 is in your home.

why search for water star 8 and mountain star 8

Why search for water star 8 and mountain star 8?

Because we are in the period of 8 that started from 2004 and will end in 2024. In the period of 8, the water star 8 is the wealth star. And the mountain star 8 is the major star that brings relationship luck. 

 They are either infront of your home or behind. Depending upon the direction your house is facing. And they continue to stay there untill 2024. 

 So when building your home you must take advantage of the auspicious water stars and mountain stars. Why? Because all the water stars and mountain stars will not change their position untill 2024.

That way you can ensure that your living, dining and bedrooms remain flooded with auspicious stars that continue to bless you untill 2024. Also you can trap the inauspicious stars into your bathroom, kitchens, garage, stairs or store rooms untill 2024.

When you build your house plan according to water stars and mountain stars you will maximise good energy in your bedroom, living and dining rooms untill 2024. Sure you will still get inauspicious numbers in your bedrooms, entrance or living and dining areas. That's because these numbers also appear as annual and monthly stars. But you can place the cures till they go away.

And when you also get favourable numbers in your bedroom, living and dining areas as ANNUAL OR MONTHLY stars. Great luck will simply multiply.

Activate the water star 8 and Mountain star 8.

The WATER STAR 8 bring you enormous wealth and abundance

Activate the water star 8 with a water feature. This can be a pond or pool with some depth (at least 18 inches deep). Inside the home you can place a water fountain. The number 8 stands for good fortune that is ready to materialize.

However donot place water in bedroom.

Activate the mountain star 8 with symbolic presence of mountain. This can be a brick wall or some higher ground. Inside the home it can be a painting of mountains or it can be a crystal geode. it is also a good idea to have bright lights.

The mountain star 8 signifies good fortune in all your relationships.

This means that when your room or office enjoys the presence of the mountain star 8, you will enjoy great popularity and have success in all your interactions with people. Your networking luck will be very successful and everyone will like you.

 They are either infront of your home or behind. Depending upon the direction your house is facing. And they continue to stay there untill 2024. 


NUMBER 1 brings victory and triumph over competitors in your professional life. it influences your career and your luck at work.

When you need this kind of luck, 

Just look for the water star 1 and activate it with water to increase your income luck at work, and then

search for the mountain star 1 and activate it with crystal or boulders.

However, Dont place water in bedroom.

This number is really lucky when it occurs in your office at work or if you  sleep in a bedroom visited by the water star 1. It brings prosperity and success luck. If you have a bathroom, store room, kitchen, garage lock up these stars. And the energy of these stars get wasted.

The number 1 belongs to the water element. 

And it is excellent when it flies into the North where the WATER chi of the North harmonizes with it very well. It is also great when it flies into the wood sectors East and Southeast.

It is not so good when it flies into the West and Northwest, as it tends to exhaust the energy of these two sectors. In the South it has the potential to clash with the element of fire there.

Number 2 brings Illness

The number 2 is more fearsome when it appears as annual or monthly star number. It brings sickness that can be serious and fatal. The number 2 causes the woman to suffer. It can also lead to premature widowhood, miscarriages and stomach problems.

When the mountain star 2 comes into your bedroom the threat of illness becomes very serious. And when the number 2 also comes into your bedroom as the annual star and monthly star it can be fatal.. It is thus a good idea to combat the number 2 mountain star or annual star.

The number 2 belongs to earth element.

Donot place crystals or glass spheres in the corner of the illness star. They tend to strengthen the earth energy of the illness star. The strengthening of metal energy exhausts the earth of 2.

  • Place a six-rod all-metal windchime in the bedroom. But donot sit, sleep or walk under it. 
  • Place a brass or other metal wu lou in the corner of the room
  • or simply hang a string of six metal coins.
  • Toilets, bathrooms, garage, stairs or store rooms can trap this star. So its a good thing to have them where the number 2 flies as annual, monthly or mountain star. But fire of the kitchen will only strengthen the energy of the illness star. 

Number 3 brings  misunderstandings and quarrels

If you are experiencing a sudden attack of problems related to the law or with the civil and government authorities, you can be sure that you are being “hit” by the number three star.

Three is the quarrelsome star. It causes misunderstandings, disharmony and all kinds of obstacles to manifest. It can bring injury to the limbs, the hands and legs, fingers and toes. Its more troublesome when it appears as monthly or annual star. 

The number 3 belongs to the wood element.

So you need the fire element to control the wood energy of the number 3. shine a very bright light where it occurs. This means the corner where the flying star chart indicates its presence either as mountain, water, annual or monthly star. Painting the wall here a bright red is also very effective.

But remember not to have any movement or sound. So do not place your fax machine, your copier machine or your printing machine here. You also shouldnt place water feature here as it 

Number 4 brings luck of romance and academic success.

 It signifies excellent writing skills and the attainment of exceptional academic success. It stands for literary pursuits and is an indicator of romantic peach blossom luck.

If you have bedroom or study room is visited by 4 star then it brings great romance and literary luck.

The number 4 belongs to the wood element.

It is not as vigorous as it used to be. But when the water energy nourishes wood energy of 4 it springs to life. So when it comes to the north or when combined with 1, it comes alive and unleashes its positive benefits. 

It is not necessary to activate further except with movement and sounds, so placing a frequently used door in that sector or a moving fan will be sufficient to activate its good effects. 

It is better not to put too much water in a corner with the number 4, especially if it is the mountain star. This might lead to infidelity in a marriage. Because too much water causes the Wood to die.

What hurts the number 4 star and causes it to “die” is metal energy. Hence the 4 when found in the metal sectors of West and Northwest is less potent.

Number 5 brings loss, tragedy and misfortune.

Of these three numbers 5 is the most dangerous and is to be feared. The number 5 brings loss, tragedy and misfortune.To overcome its negative effects, you need a five element pagoda or a 6 rod windchime. Remember that 5 is at its most harmful when it appears as an annual star or when combined with 9. 

The number 5 belongs to the earth element.

Placing crystals will only strengthen the deadly 5 number. Also donot have fire energy where it flies. That means no red color, fire or bright lights. 

The sound of metal caused by windchimes exhausts the Earth energy. The five element pagoda symbolically imprisons the earth energy inside the pagoda. Another strong method is to hang a metal curved knife high up near the ceiling, which symbolically destroys the number 5 star.

When both 5 and 2 occur together as mountain and water star, you can use a brass windchime with six hollows rods but you will need a larger windchime to add strength. Or hang six windchimes. Donot sit sleep or walk under windchime.

Number 6 brings blessings from heavens

It is usually associated with sudden and unexpected good fortune

The water star 6 attracts good money luck for the leader, for the patriarch and for the head of the family. This is an especially lucky water star to activate with the presence of a water feature, especially with a six tier waterfall in the sector of the garden where it appears.

The water must be seen to be entering the home so there should be a door or window to symbolically receive the water

THE MOUNTAIN STAR 6 brings lovely harmony luck and is excellent for spreading calm and happiness within the home.

Wherever it occurs it is always a good idea to place six crystal or glass balls of varying sizes. This enhances the goodwill energy in the home making everyone very agreeable to each other and also ensuring that all social occasions proceed smoothly with little or no obstacles whatsoever.

The result is that everyone interacts harmoniously and agreeably. There will be minimum misunderstandings and little infighting.

Number 7 now brings bloodshed, violence and robbery

The star 7 should now be considered a vicious number indicating bloodshed and violence caused by metal. Since it has turned nasty however, the number 7 causes robbery, betrayal, violence, and death and it brings danger to little girls.

It can also signify loss of family members, imprisonment and accidents caused by fire.

The number 7 belongs to metal element.

So earth or metal energy will only strengthen  this violent star. So donot place windchimes, crystals or anything that signify earth or metal element. 

You need water or fire energy to control or destroy this star. Its an excellent to place bathrooms or kitchens where the number 7 flies as water or mountain star. This will imprison it untill 2024. 

The best cure for the number 7 star is a blue rhino, which should be placed where 7 flies to each year or month.This helps in reducing the danger of getting hurt, cheated and robbed.


9 is the reigning number of the 20 year period of the next period (i.e. from the years 2024 to 2044). So the number 9 is the future prosperity number untill 2024. Nine is often described as a big-hearted star. It nurtures and helps the matriarch care for the family. Number 9 brings fame and recognition, success and fruition.

Nine expands and multiplies all good or bad fortune equally

When the nine is combined with unlucky numbers such as 2, 3, 5, 7 it magnifies the destruction caused by these numbers. 

But when combined with lucky numbers like 1, 4, 6, 8 it multiplies good fortune caused by these lucky numbers. 

The number 9 denotes the fire element and is especially auspicious when it occurs as a mountain star flown into any one of the earth sectors Southwest or Northeast.

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