Top Feng Shui Symbols You Must Have
In Your Home And Office

Who has not heard of Feng Shui symbols like chinese dragon, laughing buddha or phoenix  ? Some of the feng shui symbols are well known like mandarin ducks or the lucky bamboo. Some are less known. For thousands of years the chinese have used symbols of birds, animals, flowers, plants to attract various kinds of good luck.

Whether you use feng shui symbols as gift or as an expression of good wishes you must know where to place it. Otherwise they cannot fullfill the great promise of their meaning. You must understand the significance of feng shui symbols.

Now you dont need to create an army of feng shui symbols to enhance good luck. However there are symbols every home must use for various kinds of good luck. Every symbol brings a certain kind of luck. It is important to place them correctly.


Some times office can be more brutal than a battle field. You will find that a coworker is  taking credit for your work, getting away with lesser work and more salary.

Or it could be a boss making you want to tear your hair out by making unreasonable request.You may find yourself greeted with hostile looks, left out of group lunches and getting a bad name or reputation.

All this leaves you disheartened and unmotivated and  your journey to the pay day becomes a living nightmare.

The Rooster will help you Thrive in a World of Lying, Backstabbing and Dirty Tricks. It will make the office a favourable place for you and ensure that you dont face back stabbing. Rooster help to sort out political problems, arguments and jealousies in the office or business.


You may find your relationship moving  from the craziness of obsession... to the coziness of familiarity ... to the annoying dullness of habit. Your heart no longer sings when you hear his voice. First the cuddling stops, then the sex, then the stonewalling begins.

Finally you have two people living separate lives. To prevent such situations you need Mandarin Ducks that will make you more lovable and attractive to your partner. 

If you observe them in the natural environment, you never see that it is all alone. If is separated from its mate, the Mandarin Duck will be devastated.

 It will yearn for its partner and die from loneliness. In the same way that the Mandarin Duck loves and values its mate, so should the man and woman become in their relationship.

To find a soul mate -

Mandarin ducks will help you find the snow white of prince charming of your dreams. If you have Mandarin Ducks or any kind of love birds, they should be placed as a pair in the Southwest of your home.

Another wonderful love symbol is the double happiness sign, 

If you are not married, display the double happiness symbol so that it helps you to find yourself a good wife or a good husband. Alternatively you can also display the ultimate love symbol, which is the Dragon with Phoenix. 


Everyone is at the risk of a financial downfall. With a student loan, home loan, car loan and credit cards you are already knee deep in debts.  After you are married you spend too much, save too little, make plenty of poor money choice.  Soon every penny that goes into your pocket comes right out to pay the interest. Not only are your debt levels not dropping, they're rising.

And you're already thinking about borrowing more money just to pay the interest on your current debt. You just seem to go deeper and deeper into debts. And there is no end in sight.

You cannot stop working. Or you will loose everything your home, your car, your life style. Your life becomes a rat race. You have no time for family, friends or vacation. You will see life passing you by while you are too busy working to pay bills.

This happens all the time even to anyone even the rich and famous. 

Now, in feng shui water symbolises income and accumulation of water symbolises accumulation of assets. like house, property, businesses, etc.

 So you must put your waterfall or water fountain either in the North, the East or the Southeast of your living room of your apartment or house. So the assets will grow with time and bring you more money. The best is to have a 6-level waterfall or a 9-level waterfall.

You can also put it in the Southwest, because the Southwest is the direction of the Indirect Spirit in the period of 8.

Also it is important that you protect yourself from getting cheated or robbed of your wealth. To protect your home against burglars. The symbol of the Elephant and the Rhino, especially if they are blue in color, will ensure you do not have people with bad intentions or burglars coming to steal wealth from you. 

Other wealth symbols you can place in your wealth corner-

Whether you call this amphibian money frog or wealth frog or toad. What matters is that you display this creature wherever you want wealth to find you.

Put nine three legged toad below the couch. Tie red thread to give them more energy so they become very active

If you have fishes in south east it signifies abundance and great wealth luck. What kind of fishes you want to keep is your personal choice. However I have always found keeping 8 gold fish and one black fish. This brings abundance and a pile up of assets

Symbolic Metal Cures

Symbolic Metal Cures

Three MUST-HAVE metallic things is the five element pagoda, the six-rod windchime and the five element bell. The five element pagoda controls the deadliest five yellow in the home. They cause loss, tragedy and misfortune. Do not put it on the floor.

Put it on a sideboard. It must be made of metal or brass, as metallic energy is really very powerful in suppressing bad luck energy.

Use the six rod windchime when the illness star 2 comes into your bedroom, living room or the entrance. It destroys the illness vibrations from your home.

The five element bell protects your house from bad feng shui. Ring it everyday. It is made of metal or brass.

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