Feng Shui Water Fountain: Relaxing Way To Pile Up Wealth.

A good feng shui water fountain is highly ornamental, pleasing to the eyes  and brings splendour into your garden or living room.  It can alone offers a focal point for your interest and your visitors in home.  And who would not respond to the music of water pouring and gushing constantly? It's pleasing to the ears as well as soothing to our world-weary nerves.   

But a good feng shui water fountain can also pile up wealth for you while it stimulates your senses and relaxes your soul.

Flowing water symbolises income.  

This could be a river or lake or a natural pond. As long as it is flowing in a unthreatning way it symbolises good income.This means a regular pay check and a regular monthly income. 

But  when the water accumulates it signifies wealth and pile up of assets. It could be a pile up of assets like company, property or business. 

For great wealth luck you will need to accumulate water. It could be a swimming pool, a fishpond, atleast 18 inches deep. 

Where can i place water fountains?

You must place water fountain or water feature in your wealth corners- south east, south west and north. However please remember if these areas fall in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen then you must place the water feature in the wealth corner of your living room.

Also dont have a fountain under a stair way. This can cause illness or other misfortune to children. You can also have a water feature in the wealth corner of your garden. You can place the water fountain at the front door.

Did you know Feng shui water fountain should not be to the right hand side of your main door (inside looking out)it may cause your husband to have a second family and become unfaithful.

As long as the water seems to flow into your home iot is auspicious if it flows out of your house then its bad.It is always good to have water facing the front door.

Invite Jambhala into your home, the wealth-giving Buddha.

Look for a small image of White Jambhala and place under falling water in a six-level waterfall. Place this in the SW sector of your living room. If you do this on the first day of the New Year, you will be activating the most auspicious sector of that day. Jambhala feel bliss with water flowing over its head and body. Then they alleviate poverty so that you donot get distracted from the practising of good heart. 

Place a dragon near your water fountain or water feature.

The symbolism of dragon drinking water at the pond, the thirsty dragon getting water is so powerful. So the secret to activating a body of water is to place an image of a dragon there.  When a dragon is not present in your water feature then its only operating at 20 percent of its strength.

But the moment you put a thirsty dragon drinking your water it symbolises amazing good wealth luck. In this way wealth is brought into your house.

Fish signify abundance in south east

If you have fishes in south east it signifies abundance and great wealth luck. What kind of fishes you want to keep is your personal choice. However I have always found keeping 8 gold fish and one black fish. This brings abundance and a pile up of assets.

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