Feng Shui Wealth Corner

Yes, your home does have a feng shui wealth corner.  When you energise it correctly it can help you pile up wealth, assets and lots of properties. And certainly your wealth corner is NOT in far right section of your home. Anyone who says that knows nothing about feng shui.  

Infact feng shui wealth corners are present in every room of your home and also in your gardens. You can use this wealth corner to attract piles of cash into your bank account.

When business falls away, stock market drops or you loose your investment you may feel helpless. And you may feel you have no invisible means of support.

But when you take care of your wealth corner you will always have plenty and some to spare. You donot have to strive or slave hard.  You can do what you love and what you enjoy and yet make fabulous sum of money. 

So where exactly are the wealth corners in
your home, garden or rooms?

The south east of any room, home, office or garden is the universal wealth corner. And to find this feng shui wealth corner you need to stand in the center of your home with a compass. 

Also the north is regarded as the secondary feng shui wealth corner. This is the corner that ensures that you donot lose your job or your lifestyle  and you have a steady flow of income. It can be called your career corner.

But its the south east will help you accumulate wealth and assets and to enjoy prosperity luck. And Since we are in the period of eight (according to flying star feng shui ),

the south west also has the power to change your financial fortune.

Missing Wealth Corner

If You have a missing south east then its no wonder that you find yourself slipping back into financial troubles. You have a hard time trying to save money and have great wealth and assets. If the north is missing then you may find yourself moving from one job to another. You never have a steady flow of income. 

South west corner missing means you have no love in your life. So what do you do if the wealth corner is  missing? You can use mirrors to double the space. The mirror on the missing corner will give an illusion of space and bring you your wealth. But make sure the mirror does not reflect the door or the bed.

You dont want to create another problem while solving one.

Is Your Wealth corner is in the
bathroom, kitchen or store room?

If you have a kitchen, bathroom or store room in the wealth corner of your house then you may have lots of financial trouble. But fortunately there are feng shui cures. So you dont have to wait forever to get the financial freedom, wealth and asstes you want. Here you need to exhaust the afflicted bad energy by using exhaustive element cycle.

South East- If you have a toilet or kitchen or a store room in the south east then you know the area is affected with bad wood energy. So you need to ask yourself "What will exhaust wood energy?" The answer is Fire. So you place bright lights or candles or anything carrying fire energy. And then you energise the south east of your living room.

North- If your bathroom, kitchen or store room area happens to be the in the north then its affected with bad water energy. You can place plants there to exhaust the water energy and keep it under control. Then you must energise the area outside bathroom, kitchen or store room which is still the north. Or the north of the living room.

South West- Here the bad energy that you must exhaust is the earth energy. So to exhaust or control earth energy you need metal energy. Place metal windchimes in the bathroom, kitchen or store room. Just make sure you dont walk under it or sit under it. And then you energise the area outside the bathroom, kitchen or store room which is still the south west.

Is Your Wealth Corner Of the House In The Living Room?

You are really lucky. You can really enhance your wealth corner in plenty of ways with water features, plants, mirrors, fishes. 

If the south east is in living room

then you must keep this corner free of clutter. Any thing that doesnot signify wealth, abundance or prosperity has no place in this sector.

  • You can place chinese jade plant with succulent leaves that signify wealth. You can also add the water energy. This will enhance the wood energy of the south east.
  • Have a water feature that keeps water flowing in a never ending cycle. A well lit water feature with carps is a good idea. And place a dragon beside the water to let the dragon empower the water to bring you wealth
  • The best symbol to place in the Southeast is the wealth ship. Fill up the wealth ship with gold ingots, coins and treasures, The wealth ship with gold will hwlp you pile up assets and wealth

Make sure the ship is sailing inwards into your house out of your home. If the wealth ships is facing outwards, this symbolizes your wealth leaving you and going out. Do not use ship that have cannons.

  • Another good symbol is the dragon fish. The dragon fish is also known as the arowana. It is best to keep one arowana in the large aquarium in the Southeast of your living room. Do not feed your arowan live fish. It is very bad karma. It will create obstacles to your wealth luck. But make sure the arowana is happy and healthy, and that the water in the aquarium is clean and full of oxygen.

In the North there is water energy,

So you can nourish it with a water feature here as well. You can also place metalalic wind chimes or adorn this corner with  gold or silver colors. The dragon tortoise placed here will help you with good income luck. 

Build a water fall in the Southwest of your house.

Period of 8  starts from year 2004 to 2024. During this period, the wealth sector is south west. Place a waterfall there to activate wealth luck and to generate plenty of money luck for yourself. It is best to build a 6-tier waterfall.

Have a jambala in the flowing water with water flowing over its head and body. This will empower the wealth giving buddha to weave magic in your wealth.

Wealth corner in the bedroom

You cannot place plants, water or mirrors in the bedroom. But if you are lucky to have a closet there then you can create a wealth vase. The wealth vase is another popular wealth enhancer. Wealthvases can be made out of ceramic or crystal.

The best shapes are those with a large opening which narrows into a neck and then broadens out again into a large belly. This hourglass shape allows money to go in but doesn’t let it out so easily, allowing your wealth to “accumulate”.

The broad base symbolizes lots of storage space for wealth. You can put wealth  coins, ingots, precious stones, money from a wealthy man and photos of things you dream to have Fill the vase up to its neck.

Then seal the vase with pieces of cloth in the 5 element colours to signify the 5 elements, and tie with 5-element thread. Place the wealth vase inside a cupboard away from public display, preferably deep within your home.

Your feng shui wealth corner is very important to your finances. You must make effort to preserve this corner. Keep it clean and free of clutter.

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