Feng Shui Wealth Secrets To Get Rich Quick

Feng Shui wealth. Don't you just love the sound of this word? feng shui wealth ahhh, abundance, prosperity, big home, a nice car and a steady fat paycheck. What more could you ask from life

However you may be surprised that this is not feng shui wealth luck. This is just your income or career luck in feng shui. Its always better to have multiple source of income.

In feng shui wealth means having more business, assets and properties that put money in your pocket and grow like a tree (in value.) Imagine money growing on trees. Doesnt that give you a feeling of abundance and security? 

Its this same feeling that brings you more feng shui wealth. Your assets will pile up  exponentially when you harbour feeling of abundance and wealth. You must have a child like faith "No matter what happens i ll always have plenty and some to spare."

And you will anyways have assets piling up when you feng shui your wealth corner correctly.

You do not have to strive or slave hard.  You can do what you love and what you enjoy and yet make fabulous sum of money. But you need to get out of your own way.To attract wealth you need to surround yourself with symbols of abundance.

If you are tight fisted, dont spend money or keep the whole lot under your bed or in the bank. Then you send a message to the universe "I dont have enough money". So the universe will create scarcity. I always say the more money you give the more money you will have

. So donate some money to charity, help somebody, buy lots of presents for people. All this creates feeling of abundance. 

You dont have to give away everything to charity but you can atleast give 10 percent of your income. or maybe 5 percent. And make it a habit. Eventually you will get this feeling of abundance and wealth to last in your life.

Surround yourself with symbols of abundance

1.Create Your Ship Of Abundance

Flaunt a sailing ship coming into your home from your good direction. Make it as large as possible .load the ship with symbols of wealth including ingots, gems and currency notes from different countries.

Now you cant help feeling that this ship is bringing wealth and abundance into your home. everytime you pass it.

Make sure the ship is not sailing out of your home. And it is coming from your success direction. Display it near your entrance on a low coffee table.

 And for god's sake do not get ships with cannons. 

2. Three Legged Toad  under the sofa or chair

Whether you call this amphibian money frog or wealth frog or toad. What matters is that you display this creature wherever you want wealth to find you. The money frog will help you to if you are troubled with bills or overspending.

Put the three legged toad inside your house - under the sofa or chair. Put 9 of these wealth attracting three legged toad. Tie red thread to give them more energy so they become very active

3.Have mirrors and symbols of abundance in the dining area,

 You can place a pot of gold - wealth bowl filled to the brim with fake diamonds and ignots.

I recommend people to install a full length wall mirror in the dining area which reflects dining table filled with food. This doubles the food of table and give you a feeling of abundance.

Have paintings of fruits on the walls it symbolises abundance.

Water represents WEALTH

You can place water feature or a water fountain in the wealth corner of your home or living room . However do not put water features in bedrooms, kitchens or toilets. They will wash away your wealth.

In the south east of living room you can build a water feature. Place a water feature that keeps the water flowing in a never-ending cycle. A well-lit water feature with carps is also good idea. The bubbling oxygenator represent excellent feng shui. Place a Dragon beside the water feature to let the Dragon empower the water to bring you wealth luck.

Another good idea is to have an aquarium in the south east of your living room. You can place dragon fish. The dragon fish is also known as the arowana. It is best to keep one arowana in the large aquarium in the Southeast of your living room.

Do not feed your arowana live fish. It is very bad karma. It will create obstacles to your wealth luck. But make sure the arowana is happy and healthy, and that the water in the aquarium is clean and full of oxygen.

In addition, you need to build a water fall in the Southwest of your house . Place a waterfall there to activate wealth luck and to generate plenty of money luck for yourself. It is best to build a 6-tier waterfall.

It is auspicious to have water infront of your main door only if the direction of the flow appears that water is flowing towards your house good. 

Donot renovate your home and then dig a pond especially if you are living inside the house. You will loose your money and wealth. You can build around the pond and bring the pond indoor.

Fix Broken or leaking taps, pipes or toilet. Atap that leaks will deplete your finances.

Now its not enough to be rich you must also ensure you keep your wealth. This means you dont get cheated or robbed of your wealth. The chinese symbol against getting robbed is the rhino. It should be brass or mettalic one at least 12 inches in size with double horns.

You must put it outside the entrance.You can also get a blue rhino as a talisman. Its very hard for someone to cheat you when you have a blue rhino.

Water dripping from your faucets or pipes will deplete your finances. Also if you have kitchen or toilet in the wealth corners then you must exhaust the ruling elememts of the corners  in toilets and kitchens to ensure they dont flush your wealth.

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